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Coat of Arms

19th Century Coat of Arms associated with the English branch

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International licence


Coat of Arms: A blue shield with a gold cross between four gold arrow heads. Blue denotes truth and loyalty; gold implies generosity and a superior intellect; arrows speak of a readiness for battle; while a gold cross signifies faith.

Motto: Non Degener

Motto Translated: Literally the motto reads ‘Not Degenerate’. Degener is derived from the Latin term degenero which infers disgrace by degeneracy. Thus non degener indicates that a Grindlay is honourable, moral and true to his or her own kind. Grindlays are not corrupted by vice or decadence and as such do not fall from grace.

Crest: a peahen (peacock) for Grindlay or a red buffalo head for Grindley