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Welcome to the Grindlay Single Name Study Project. The aim of this project is to collate and document the application of the name Grindlay and subsequent variants throughout the world. To date this site provides access to a comprehensive global database, coat of arms, online documents, and research forum. The database is compiled from primary and secondary sources and is an on-going project maintained and co-ordinated by the volunteer Project Administrator. Currently the Administrator is taking a much deserved break.  If you wish to contribute to the database, please feel free to post your information directly to the database via the post-it note tagging feature.

Origin: Anglo-Saxon; the surname Grindlay comes from the Old English words ‘grene’ and ‘leah’ which meant both the colour green and a section of village land that was open to free grazing. The term ‘grene’ was also applied to the young denoting youth and vigour. There are those who claim the proper spelling is ‘ley’ however, the earliest recording of the name to date suggests that the name originated in Scotland. In Scotland, it is predominately spelt with an ending of ‘lay’. Note that it was (and to some degree still is) common for the the spelling to be alternated within a single lifespan. For this reason, the project has adopted the ‘lay’ spelling for the purpose of convenience. Individuals appearing in the single name study database, who have at some point been listed under an alternative spelling, have the spelling variations listed in brackets.