Database Guidelines

The database is a collection of names and lineages collated from a variety of primary and secondary sources. It is an ongoing project compiled and maintained by the Project Administrator. This database is currently hosted off-site at the World Connect Genealogy Project courtesy of Rootsweb. A return link is available to enable easy navigation between this site and the host.
Accuracy cannot be guaranteed and the contents are intended as a guide only. Duplication of names is inevitable, researchers are asked to filter the information as per their needs and at their own discretion. Names, dates, places and sources will require further confirmation. The Grindlay Single Name Study Project and its volunteers cannot be held liable for inaccurate information. The database is free to view.
Submissions are currently suspended indefinitely.

Corrections may be added via the online ‘post-em’ option (see the tree for further details).

I have read the preamble and I wish to proceed to the database (off-site).